Former classmates at Sarah Lawrence College, Amy and Devi have been discussing films and feminism together for decades, frequently over craft cocktails while wearing berets. With this blog we endeavor to share our ideas (which do not always agree) and become more actively participatory in public feminist discourse. We hope this effort grows in time to include more diverse voices and opinions as we join our feminist peers in the fight to move Beyond the Bechdel.  We welcome you to join us! New posts every Tuesday and Thursday.


DEVI (pronounced DAY-vee) SNIVELY

A former ballerina, published fiction author and sometimes film instructor at the University of Notre Dame, I’m a proud alumnus of the American Film Institute’s Directing Workshop for Women. When I’m not writing and directing films, I chase monkeys around the world with my anthropologist partner. For more info about me (and my work), click HERE.


My posts will take a pseudo academic approach to film and feminism, exploring a series of related topics much like I conduct my college courses, drawing from history, sociology, anthropology, psychology, gender studies and film theory.


Amy has worked as a criminal defense attorney in the Bronx and as a prosecutor of members of the service for the NYPD. As a card-carrying member of the Resistance, she provides pro bono legal work for immigrants.


To change the world one film review at a time. I will explore how perceived race and gender issues impact film and the Hollywood film system.