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BLONDE: In Defense of a Talking Fetus

November 29th, 2022

When I was in high school, I discovered an essay in an anthology of short stories entitled The Ambivalence of Abortion. The writer of the piece was a journalist who was describing her decision to have an abortion. She was married with children when she learned that she was again pregnant. She and her husband […]

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Too Darn Hot August Viewing Roundup

August 2nd, 2022

The world’s having a meltdown – literally and figuratively— and it’s too darn hot to think or write about it. So, why not turn on the fan or AC, grab a nice cool beverage and chill in front of some good viewing?  We recommend the following this month… DEVI’S PICKS: EVIL (series, free w/ Paramount+ […]

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July Overcoming Conflict Viewing Roundup

July 5th, 2022

We set July 4th aside each year to celebrate our country’s independence. But after a month where the Supreme Court has made it harder than ever to consider this a nation that protects individual rights and personal freedom, more and more civil rights seem to be stripped from us every day. Are we truly a […]

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