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Devi’s April 2024 Viewing Roundup

April 2nd, 2024

After going overboard last month, I’m keeping it short and sweet this go-round with two recommendations: GREEN PORNO (series, streaming on Youtube /Criterion): Isabella Rosselini has written, directed and starred in this 3-season series of micro-shorts that explores the mating rituals of various insects and other animals. They are delightfully bizarre, inventive, witty and informative. […]

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PAMELA, A LOVE STORY: From Blond Bombshell to Feminist Icon

May 30th, 2023

The tale of Pamela Anderson begins like many Hollywood movie cliches. A young, inexperienced woman comes to Tinseltown seeking fame and fortune. Idealized for her youth and beauty, she’s put on a pedestal for the world to admire as the industry makes a fortune off her blatant sex appeal. But her success is short-lived. In […]

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The Needy Men and Liberated Women of 1970s “Radical” Rom-Coms

February 14th, 2023

Happy Valentines and welcome to a whole new era of romance! Last time, we delved into the ‘60s, examining a shift from the shared male/female points-of-view characteristic of previous rom-coms to a new, male-driven variation. In these, females were often demoted to secondary roles often portrayed as hapless victims or inconsequential playthings. But by the […]

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