Amy’s May 2024 Viewing Roundup

May 21st, 2024

The pickings are slim right now. But if you lucky enough to live near an art house cinema there are some interesting films to be seen. Hopefully, the spring season will bring more choices to our theaters or else theater-going might be a thing of the past. On that happy note, here are my picks of interesting fare worth viewing.

EX-PATS (Streaming on AMAZON PRIME): This series centers on three American women living abroad in Hong Kong who are dealing with individual crises in their marriages, families and relationships. All three female leads are excellent but it’s Nicole Kidman who makes the greatest impression portraying a mother who is dealing with loss and grief. These women come from different backgrounds and have varied reasons for living abroad but their lives intersect in a way that causes each of them to ponder the mistakes and choices they have made that they must now live with. The series also explores issues of class and the great economic disparity that exists in places of great affluence. The series portrays the complicated relationships that often exist between the wealthy families and the less privileged women who tend to their needs-even playing a role in raising their children. There’s a closeness and a bond that develops but like everything in life it’s messy and not without sacrifice. What I found so enjoyable about this series is that these characters are sympathetic and likeable even as they make questionable choices.

WILDCAT (Playing in select theaters): Flannery O’Connor is one America’s greatest writers that many Americans have never read or even heard of. This movie is a good introduction to her creative legacy. WILDCAT isn’t your standard, by-the numbers biopic. Rather, it focuses on the creative process that guided her artistic decisions and original storytelling. Born and raised in the segregated South and a devotion to her Catholic faith were integral to her life experience, shaped the way she saw the world and had a profound impact on her writing. The film does an excellent job of showing how her social awkwardness, ill health and physical suffering isolated her from others but freed her to create some of the greatest short stories ever penned. The film doesn’t skirt away from the racism of that era and how it too fueled her art. The film is directed by Ethan Hawke and his daughter Maya Hawke portrays Flannery O’Connor. Despite her nepo baby status she actually gives an excellent performance capturing the torment and loneliness that haunted O’Connor throughout her short life.




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