June Beyond the Gloom Viewing Roundup

June 7th, 2022

Thank goodness sunny days and warm temperatures are finally upon us because the political storm is getting harder to weather each day. Wrongful wars, gun violence, oppression and hate, and now we’re in danger of losing Roe Vs. Wade. So, by all means, please enjoy the outdoors – the warmth, the fresh air, the smell of flowers blooming and all the glorious greenery. But if you’re looking for thoughtful viewing when you come back indoors, we highly recommend the following…


THE BABY (series, HBO Max): Bear in mind, I went into this one with a pre-existing baby phobia, but even Rosemary’s little monster’s got nothing on the title character in this pitch black comedy / horror series that offers a smart yet terrifying window into the expectations of motherhood, the dangers of imposing it on non-consenting women, and the devastation it causes mother, child and society at large.

THE DUKE (2020, in theaters): A fun uplifting romp inspired by a true story about a man who fights for his principals, reminding us not to let fear hold us back from fighting the good fight and that if we’re not part of the solution we’re part of the problem.

THE GIRL WITH A BRACELET (2019, movie, PRIME): Wow. I watched this with a few fellow “film snob” friends and it’s led to the most delicious post-viewing discussions that have yet to cease weeks later. This is an impeccably written and directed crime drama that utilizes omission and plays on societal biases to create an enthralling whodunnit of sorts. More questions raised than answers provided, but all the information you need to draw your own conclusions is there.

THE UNBEARABLE WEIGHT OF MASSIVE TALENT (2020, in theaters): I don’t make a habit of watching bromances, nor would I usually think to recommend one on a feminist film site, and yet I feel compelled to give this one a well-deserved nod. Yes, it’s a breezy, highly formulaic, male-driven film with plenty of gratuitous action scenes and predictable outcomes however, it’s super fun and done exceptionally well. The men have souls and consciences, they come to treat their female counterparts well, and while the men get to play hero for the most-part, the women are more than doormats and still participate in small but worthwhile ways. In a genre with such a low bar, this one helps to raise it.


PETITE MAMAN (2022, in theaters): After the death of her grandmother, Nelly returns to the childhood home of her mother. While building a tree house in the woods, she befriends another young girl and they soon form a close bond. The film imagines the possibility of meeting a beloved parent while they too are still a child and the friendship and intimacy that can grow from such a union. A beautiful and magical film that is a meditation on grief, loss and the relationship between parents and children. PETITE MAMAN is directed by Celine Sciamma, who also brought audiences the brilliant PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE.

THE FLIGHT ATTENDANT-SEASON TWO (2022, HBO Max): The second season of this series isn’t as much fun as the first season, but still worth viewing. Our female protagonist has left New York City, moved to Los Angeles, discovered sobriety, and finds herself in a serious romantic relationship. She still works as a flight attendant while also moonlighting for the CIA as a civilian asset. This goes a long way toward explaining how she can afford a beautiful home in one of the most expensive cities in the country. It also explains why finds herself caught up in an intriguing mystery that makes very little sense but is nevertheless entertaining to watch. Cassie is still lacking in judgment even as she dutifully attends AA meetings, causing the viewer to wonder if perhaps sobriety is overrated.

Happy Viewing!

Devi & Amy



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