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Something for Everyone – June Viewing Roundup

June 6th, 2023

The world may very well be on the brink of destruction, but there’s still joy to be found on the big and less big screen. So, this month Devi’s focusing on the positive to kick off a summer with a smile. Meanwhile, Amy tackles some harder hitting topics, with films and series that that highlight […]

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PAMELA, A LOVE STORY: From Blond Bombshell to Feminist Icon

May 30th, 2023

The tale of Pamela Anderson begins like many Hollywood movie cliches. A young, inexperienced woman comes to Tinseltown seeking fame and fortune. Idealized for her youth and beauty, she’s put on a pedestal for the world to admire as the industry makes a fortune off her blatant sex appeal. But her success is short-lived. In […]

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Killers, Kings and Narcissists – Our May Viewing Roundup

May 2nd, 2023

This past month, Devi’s been on a serial killer kick and Amy’s been enjoying foreign, indie fare. We hope you enjoy the ride…. DEVI’S PICKS: INSIDE MAN (Limited Series Netflix, 2022): A wild and wacky ride starring Stanley Tucci as a death row wife killer who solves crimes from behind bars and one of my […]

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