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What Feminism Isn’t: Myth #6

March 28th, 2019

Last, yet anything but least in our feminism mythbusting quest, I want to explore big fat myth #6, perhaps the most detrimental one to the Women’s Movement. Myth #6: Feminism Isn’t Feminism Without Intersectionality Early on, we explored the MEANING OF FEMINISM and how class, sexual and racial divides have led to distrust and vexation […]

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Feminism: The Good F-Word (Despite Its Bad Reputation)

November 15th, 2018

Before we explore films from a feminist perspective, we need to synchronize our understanding of what feminism is (and isn’t). I am forever hearing people use and abuse it in ways to suggest that word does not mean what they think it means. It’s time we fix that. Nigerian Author CHIMAMANDA NGOZI ADICHE, in her […]

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