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What Feminism Isn’t: Myth #2

February 28th, 2019

Last time we talked about why feminism isn’t about keeping score. Today, let’s move on to feminism misnomer #2: 2) FEMINISM ISN’T GENDER SWAPPING Gender, unlike sex, is a social construct that begins to shape each of us starting from the time we’re inside the womb. Studies indicate that pregnant women who know they’re carrying […]

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What is a Feminist-Friendly Film?

November 29th, 2018

Last post, I denounced the term CHICK FLICK, insisting we adopt a more accurate, and less derogatory, term for films intended to appeal primarily to female audiences: “female-targeted films.” Today I want to expand on what that means, and perhaps more importantly, what it doesn’t mean. The female-targeted film hails from a fundamental logic in […]

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