Devi’s February 2024 Viewing Roundup

February 7th, 2024

Lamentably, I began a lot of disappointing movies this month and a few lackluster  shows, too. Most I ended before reaching the end. Fortunately, I did find a few winners amidst the rubble. And here they are.  hope you enjoy them, too.

MEMORY (in theaters)  Why this film has not received more recognition is beyond me. While it deals with some very heavy subject matter – addiction, Alzheimer’s and sexual abuse – the engaging characters and rewarding moments of triumph provide sufficient prevent the film from diving into melodrama and despair. It doesn’t focus on victimhood but on overcoming personal challenges, finding the light through the darkness to remain whole in a world that threatens to break us. It’s beautiful, it’s thought-provoking, and  the director and entire cast (especially the magnificent Jessica Chastain) deserve Oscars. For those for whom the subject matter isn’t personally triggering, I cannot recommend this film highly enough.

HONOR SOCIETY (Prime): I watched this one for some needed levity this past month and would place it somewhere between EASY A and COLD COMFORT FARM in terms of breezy, yet smart and engaging feel-good entertainment directed primarily at young adults but with appeal for the young at heart too. The script may be a bit formulaic, but in this case, the formula works well. Be warned, the fourth wall-breaking by the protagonist may start off a little off-putting, but that passes quickly and ultimately works well.

THE GOOD FIGHT (Series, Prime/Paramount+): While eagerly awaiting the next season of EVIL, I decided to check out this previous entry by the show’s impressive creators, Michelle and Robert King, aptly described by the New Yorker as “mavens of order whose art is all about a world that is falling apart.” One season in, I’m pleased to say, it has not disappointed. This is a super fun, soapy procedural about a mostly Black law firm operating in Chicago during the first year of the Trump administration. With fabulous characters, excellent performances and engaging storylines, it’s a great way to kick back and enjoy an evening.






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