February Viewing Roundup to Help Fight the Winter Blues

February 7th, 2023

Depending on what part of the world you’re in, Seasonal Affective Disorder may be setting in, or perhaps, like us, you’re just not a big fan of the cold. Some people find light therapy helps, others prefer booze. But in case you’re low on either, here are some viewing options that might also do the trick…


CHESEA HANDLER –  REVOLUTION (Comedy Special, Netflix 2022): The once amusing now whiny manbaby, John Cleese, recently bemoaned (on Fox News, no less) how “wokeness” has made it so difficult for comedians to be creative, denying them the freedom to be funny. Evidently, Chelsea Handler didn’t get the memo. Her latest stand-up routine is full of biting humor about “woke” and “unwoke” topics alike. Perhaps the problem isn’t with “wokeness” so much as comedians with limited repertoires who’ve grown out of touch.

TAYLOR TOMLINSON  –  LOOK AT YOU & QUARTER LIFE CRISIS  (Comedy Special, Netflix,  2022 & 2020): And if Handler isn’t enough, Taylor Tomlinson goes the extra mile, landing zinger after zinger in her charming personable way. Her candor regarding her bi-polar diagnosis never ceases to inspire laughs, but her words are remarkably brave and moving, too.

ENOLA HOLMES II (Netflix, 2022): And since I seem to be on a “humor can be fun and not abusively offensive” kick, I’d also like to recommend this fun sequel to what I hope will be the continuing adventures of Enola Holmes. Geared for a young audience, EH2 starts off a bit silly for us older folks, but it grows nicely into itself as it tackles a real life incident in feminist history with a witty, uplifting, female-empowering, and touching way.


BROKER (Playing in select theaters): Brokers in South Korea sell off infants who have been abandoned in boxes left out for parents unable to care for their child. They are under surveillance by two female detectives who are building a case against these human traffickers. Shortly after leaving her baby in the box, a young woman returns to reclaim her child only to discover that the infant is in the care of the traffickers trying to sell the child to whatever couple can afford their price. The young woman is the most compelling character in this film as we learn about her past and what were the conditions that led her to make such a wrenching decision. Despite a storyline that at times tests credibility, the film is a moving character study as these distinct individuals find comfort and tenderness in the makeshift family that they create and does an excellent job of exploring the meaning of family, parenthood and the importance of community.




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