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How Our Feminist History Can Help Our Feminist Present & Future

June 11th, 2019

Movies like Suffragette, Hidden Figures and The Battle of the Sexes may inspire us with their exhilarating depictions of our historical comrades in feminist arms, but too often they oversimplify, if not overlook entirely, the key factors that have forged feminist progress in the course of history. It’s important to recognize and examine what has, […]

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Myth #4 Feminism Isn’t Demonizing Femininity

March 14th, 2019

Friends and colleagues were often shocked to learn that I, a vocal feminist, enjoyed the TV series, SEX IN THE CITY. Of course, not one of them had seen it, assuming (wrongly) it centered solely around vacuous women shoe shopping and pining over men. And, while those activities do indeed occur in most every episode, […]

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