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What Feminism Isn’t: Myth #5

March 26th, 2019

On the flip side of demonizing femininity, as covered with MYTH #4, some filmmakers equate feminism with exploiting female incompetence and messiness, often times in ways considered more acceptable, or at least forgivable, in males—like, for example, incorporating graphic depictions of bowel movements in the name of so-called equality. I beg to disagree. #5 Feminism […]

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Myth #4 Feminism Isn’t Demonizing Femininity

March 14th, 2019

Friends and colleagues were often shocked to learn that I, a vocal feminist, enjoyed the TV series, SEX IN THE CITY. Of course, not one of them had seen it, assuming (wrongly) it centered solely around vacuous women shoe shopping and pining over men. And, while those activities do indeed occur in most every episode, […]

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The Problem with “Chick Flicks”

November 27th, 2018

Hear the term “Chick Flick” and what pops to mind? A girlie rom-com like PRETTY WOMAN or BRIDGET JONES’ DIARY? A female-driven comedy like BRIDESMAIDS or a musical like MAMMA MIA? Or is it a tearjerker like LOVE STORY or a weepie teen flick like THE FAULT IN OUR STARS? Hell, it might even be something more action-oriented, like THELMA & LOUISE or WONDER WOMAN.

And herein lies the problem. Just what the heck is “Chick Flick” trying to say?

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