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Celebrating Womanhood While Middle Aged: The Glorious Gloria Bell

April 2nd, 2019

Gloria Bell is one of those films where not a lot happens in terms of plot, and that’s just fine because it remains a joy and pure pleasure to watch. Much of the credit goes to the performance of Julianne Moore who imbues the character with sparkle and an infectious charm. At 58, she remains […]

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When Films Don’t Pass the Reverse Bechdel Test

February 12th, 2019

With all this talk about PASSING THE BECHDEL TEST and the implied stigma attached to films that don’t, has anyone stopped to consider what films don’t pass the Reverse Bechdel Test and the consequent repercussions therein? I’d be willing to guess screenwriter ABI MORGAN has. After all, she penned the screenplay for SUFFRAGETTE, a rare […]

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